How we grade:

We more or less use the Record Collectors grading.

P / F / G / VG / EXC / M

But after many years on ebay,we've learned to use (+ / - )

With these we are able to show if it is on the higher or lower scale of each grading.

Therefore we can grade like this:

VG- / VG / VG+ / VG++ / EXC- / EXC / EXC+ / NM / M

VG stand for a record that's been played and shows signs of use, but should play fine. VG- means more signs of use and could crackle and have occasional ticks and even a few pops. So a VG++ is then of course visually less played and is therefore of a higher playback quality.

MINT is also a grading many sellers never dare to use, as it's said by just as many that there is no record in the world to be MINT.

Well, we've decided to use this when it's still sealed records. Because in theory they could be MINT, but in reality they're usually not. 

In very rare cases when we find a record that is so shiny, clean and without any signs of use what so ever, we would if we feel brave that day, dare to call it mint. 

Many of you already know this type of grading since 10 years back or so, and several of you have bought records from us through the years and know that we deliver great stuff.

But if you are not satisfied with a record, you could always send it back and get a refund. Of course!


Bromma Records Crew