Another way to place your order

If you're having difficulties in understanding how this site works or maybe the swedish words are confusing when it's time to fill in the customer form.

The translations to the left could be very usefull.

With these you will probably be successful.

But, If you feel you don't have the time to do this, but still want to buy an item.

Please, just place your order by sending me an email.



How can you see if item still is available?

Skärmdump artikel pic

If we haven't marked an item as SOLD, but still you can't buy it. Then we havn't just yet marked it as SOLD.

But If you look below the price, you can see that it says "lager:1 st". This means that there is one item available.

If it says "lager: 0 st", it simply means that the item recently sold and that we have not yet removed it from the site.

Many customers want to know which items that have been sold, so we will let this information show for a week or so.

A few translations that can be usefull when you shop for the first time:

Swedish  / English:

Lägg i varukorgen  = Put in basket

Visa = Show

Lager = Stock

Vikt = Weight  

Skicka = Send

Artiklar = items

Till Kassan = check out (Cashier)

Artikelnamn = name of item

Arikelnummer = itemnumber

Antal = quantity

Pris = price

Summa = total

Fraktsätt = shippning options

betalsätt = payment options

Privatperson = private individual

Företag = Business (company)

Förnamn = first name (given name)

Efternamn = last name

Postnummer = postalcode

Land = country

Mobiltelefonnummer = cellularphone

Telefonnummer = phonenumber (business or home)